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My clients want to create lasting relationships with their ideal customers. Doing this turns them into loyal fans and consumers. I know how to make this happen, and my proven strategies will add to the already amazing impact your business has. Social media is more than just likes and followers, let’s get to work building your fanbase!

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

  • Social Media is an amazing and sometimes underutilized medium for businesses. When a custom strategy is implemented, we are able to create a solid fanbase which, in turn, leads to more sales, brand deals, and clients! Instagram and Facebook specifically have been proven to drive results for my clients.

  • Pinterest is actually a search engine. If used correctly, this can be a goldmine for your brand. The thing about Pinterest that scares most people is how often the algorithm changes. When you pick NIC, you don’t need to worry about staying up to date with the latest changes — I got you!

  • How do I target the right people? How do I make sure these ads are converting? I have a great system of organic testing as well as AB testing that is sure to get your ad seen by the right people!

Who does NIC work with?

I have extensive experience with social media and Pinterest marketing, helping driven entrepreneurs and businesses save time by creating strategic content and generating more leads. I have had a number of digital marketing roles, from being the Director of Marketing for a continuing education corporation to creating and implementing social strategies for travel bloggers, interior designers, coaches, influencers and more! 

Thank you, Nicole!

Nicole was efficient, creative and offered true expertise in the area of Pinterest & Tailwind marketing, ensuring that materials for my new business Yogalastics reached a wide audience and directing new traffic to my website. Highly recommended for her professionalism, depth of knowledge and ability to execute quickly and professionally even while she had major life events happening!

-Jasmine Almeida, Yogalastics

VIP Intensive

How to get your social marketing strategy set up and implemented in ONE day.

Did you know that most business owners leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t have a set strategy for their social media outlets?

The problem is that you’re overwhelmed and you don’t know where to begin. You don’t want to waste time learning about what works and what doesn’t, so you just keep doing what you’re used to. 

That means you will continue to miss out on new clients and new opportunities while your competitors leave you in the dust.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Let me introduce you to my “done in a day” program, the one day intensive where you will get a customized strategy for your social media outlet(s).

In this program you will:

  • Learn my proven engagement strategies so you can more efficiently utilize your time which means you will have time to plan that dream vacation!
  • Get a bank of 90 hashtags specific to your niche so you can stop using hashtags that do nothing for your brand which means you WILL increase your reach fast.
  • Learn the content pillars that have been proven to see results so that you’ll never get stuck with nothing to say which means you’ll never be stuck staring at your unscheduled post again.
  • Receive a customized strategy so you can stop guessing what will work for your business which means you’ll spend a lot less time and money on all of the social media courses to figure out what strategy works for you and your brand.
  • Learn how to implement all of the strategies you are given so you can be confident that your organic marketing is working which means you can scale to that next level with ease!

Nicole has been a godsend

Nicole is organized, creative, professional, and thorough. She is always staying up to date on the latest social media strategies. Knowing that I can rely on her to handle social media for my business has freed up so much of my time for other tasks. Thank you Nicole!

-Laurel Tincher, By Laurel Christine